Favourite Nail Looks

Seeing as I don’t have much time to do nail art due to not being able to wear nail polish to work, I’m going to revisit my favourite 8 looks from the last year, which I would like to recreate or revamp for this summer, when I get time!


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17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish – Spring Petal

Spring Petal is a 17 nail polish from their Spring 2012 collection.  Obviously, being a 2012 release, I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m more inclined to buy nail polishes when they take my fancy, or when I see offers and bargains, rather than just because they are new out.  Anyway, I was in Boots recently and I saw a few different colours of 17 nail polish for £1.50, which is half price from the normal £2.99 price tag.  I like 17 nail polish, and £2.99 is a great price for a good polish, but £1.50 is even better!

Pictures show three coats and one layer of top coat apart from index finger, that has an extra coat of Spring Petal on top as I smudged the top coat before it was dry.

How cute is my wee ring?  It’s not really a midi ring, I usually wear it on my right ring finger, but it fitted nicely on my middle finger for the pictures.  I purchased it from eBay here.

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Garden Birds

I have been informed that Mrs Mossy is more than likely a 2006 release, making her around 9 years old, and being ‘A’ she was the first chick released that year in Dumfries & Galloway.  I am very pleased that she has stayed this long!  (Mossy is apparently a 2003 release, having lost his tags a few years ago).
This wee blackbird was rummaging through the cut grass for food.

Pheasant seems to have lost a tail feather or two recently.  Here’s hoping he grows back some new and even better ones.

There were also numerous starlings just out of perfect view, rummaging about for food.  I managed to just get a starling in focus, with some food in its beak, but I wasn’t quick enough to capture a picture.  I was also unsuccessful in capturing a photograph of any of the swallows which were flying about.  I can but keep trying!